Friday, July 25, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 26 Weeks

Before I bust into my 26 week summary, I must say….I hate that the blog has become all about my children and/or pregnancies.  I never really intended for that to happen.  Justin and I are big travelers and we love taking trips all over the US and the world.  It’s just that unfortunately, with kids comes responsibilities.  It’s not exactly easy to get someone to watch your kid all the time so you can jet set across the globe.  We’ve been blessed to still be able to travel some, but we have no more trips planned before Garrett’s arrival so it looks like the blog will be solely dedicated to pregnancy and to anything fun we do as a family.  I intended this blog to be a “life” blog that documented our relationship, then our engagement and then our marriage.  Then it was a travel blog because that’s all we did the first 2 years of our marriage and now it’s a kid blog. 

The blog is kind of growing with our family.  I am trying to do my best to keep up with the weekly posts like I did with Carter because at the end of my pregnancy, I had a book made for Carter of all of those pregnancy posts.  Obviously I won’t give it to him for a super super long time, but I wanted him to have something showing him my thoughts while I was carrying him.  So I want to do the same with Garrett, which is why I still do these “belly posts”.   So basically what I’m saying is this….to those of you that followed the blog before parenthood-I’m sorry it’s changed so much.  Maybe when the kids are older and can travel with us, it will go back to being a “life” blog.  That’s our hope at least!

How far along: 26 weeks-Two more weeks and I’ll be in the 3rd trimester!!!!

Symptoms:  Started having some braxton hicks contractions this week.  Very infrequent as expected, but it was something I don’t remember ever feeling with Carter during my pregnancy with him.  Doc said it was normal at this stage.

Maternity Clothes:   Pretty much all maternity.  Still wear a few things that aren’t maternity, but it’s mostly just maternity for comfort for me!

Weight Gain:   I did gain a pound this week, but at some point I also lost it along with another 1/2 pound.  So I’m at 17 pounds right now.  The loss puts me at exactly 11.5 pounds less than I was at 26 week with Carter.  Victory :)  In comparison to my pregnancy with Carter, I was at a total weight gain of 19lbs with him at 26 weeks, so 2lbs less so far with Garrett.  They really are lining up to be the exact same pregnancy (except that I had some nausea with Garrett that I didn’t have with Carter). 

I imagine I will make up that 2lb difference all this weekend though.  Since I had to fast before doing my glucose screening I was starving by the time we left the doc at 10am so I made Justin take me to get breakfast at Burger King.  I haven’t eaten fast food at a place like Burger King in over a year at least.  And tonight we’re taking Carter to eat mexican to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  Then tomorrow we’re headed to the lake with lots of people from our church that went to Israel with me for a reunion which will include lots of barbequed foods and casseroles.  So my guess is that I’ll be up to 19lbs by the end of week 27 :)

Sleep:  No big changes.  I sleep with a million pillows now to keep my back straight so that I don’t wake up with bad muscle pains. 

Belly Button:  Still in and I still think it will stay that way.

Stretch Marks:  None yet.  Didn’t have any with Carter so I’m hoping it stays that way.

Cravings/Aversions:   Still none.

Exercise Routine:  Only worked out 5 days this week, but still holding strong!  All 5 were P90X.  My Mommy and Me class was cancelled this week and I can’t really go to Pure Barre unless I have a babysitter.  Justin was out of town this week and Carter’s still out of school for summer so Pure Barre got the backseat until the end of next month when I can pick it up again.  I’ve got like 15 classes left of my package that Justin bought me for Christmas so I’m hoping I use them all before Garrett comes!  I can’t even explain how glad I am that I have been able to keep up this intensity.  I joke that my pregnancies are the same, but there’s a huge difference with Garrett’s because of how much I workout.  I never have back pain (except for one time where I apparently slept wrong and ended up being sore for a couple of days), I feel great, bending over isn’t an issue, I only get out of breath when I workout or when I lay flat on my back (at this point with Carter, I was out of breath if I walked to the mailbox).  I just overall feel soooooooo good!

Baby Size:  Garrett is a full 2lbs now and still about 14-15 inches in length.  He’s about the size of a head of lettuce.    The cool thing that happens this week is that they start to open their eyes, which had been fused shut up to this point.  Can’t wait to find out what color those sweet eyes will be.  Will they be bright blue like Carter’s?  Or brown like mine???  Hmmmm…..

Movement:   Still moving like crazy and these movements are getting BIG!  There’s also a pattern.  He is most active in the morning (he usually wakes me up around 7ish-am) and right before I go to bed around 9-10pm.  He moves a ton when I take baths and I had a dentist appointment this week and he was going crazy during that…even the dentist said something because he could see my belly moving.

Gender:  I am the queen in my house of boys!

Appointments and Such:  I had my 26 week appointment on Friday during which I had my glucose screening.  I still don’t know yet if I passed it though.  They said that if I haven’t heard from them by Monday that I passed so we shall see on Monday.  I passed the 1 hour test with Carter and I eat so much better now and am significantly healthier overall so I’m expecting to pass it.  My next appointment is 30 weeks and is on August 22nd and that will also be my 4D ultrasound where I get to see my sweet boy again.  After that, appointments are every two weeks up to 36 weeks and then weekly after that until Garrett comes.  How is this happening so fast?!?!?! 

Talked to the doc about post partum depression a bit today also.  If you don’t know, I was diagnosed with PPD about 2 months after I gave birth to Carter.  I was on medication for about 6 months and it helped TREMENDOUSLY.  He decided that he wants me to start getting on the medication again at 30 weeks to give my body enough time to adjust to it (most anti-depressants take about 4-6 weeks for you to see the effects, so he wants to start me early in case Garrett comes early).  We’re doing this in hopes that PPD, if it happens again, won’t be such a bad case as it was with Carter.  He knows how strongly I feel about not feeling that way again.   I have no idea what it’s like to bring a baby home and be so full of joy and happiness that you can’t contain it.  My PPD started almost immediately after pushing Carter out and I was crying multiple times a day the second I got home from the hospital.  Justin has told me that during that time I said the words to him “our marriage is failing” (don’t worry-we joke about this now…our marriage was certainly not failing, I was just a basketcase during those first months).  I don’t remember saying that at all but he definitely does so he’s all for trying to prevent it from happening again.  Since this will be our last baby, I desperately want to know what the pure joy and happiness of bringing a new baby home feels like so it’s crucial to me that we are proactive in this and I agree with what Dr. H wants to do 100%.

Other Comments:  Also happening around the time of my 30 week appointment will be maternity pictures with my fabulous sister, Lindsey Smith Photography.  I’m so excited for the pictures she’s going to take!!!  We haven’t picked a place to do them yet, but it will likely be outside at a botanical garden or something.

Bump Pic for Week 26:

 26 Weeks