Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 25 Weeks

How far along: 25 Weeks, 2 Days

Symptoms:  Remember in my last post when I mentioned that I carry babies high and that the advantage of that is that I can still wear a lot of my non-maternity shorts (even though most of the time I choose the maternity route)?  Well there’s a downside of carrying babies high.  They sit on your lungs.  The past week, Garrett has positioned himself in such a way that all my other organs are pushing upwards on top of my lungs and it is making it so hard to breathe.  Exercise these days requires more breaks than normal because I just get so out of breath.  It’s not just due to his position, though the fact that I’m carrying him high isn’t helping, but also because of his size at 25 weeks.  We’ll discuss his size further down. 

Maternity Clothes:   Still wearing mostly maternity clothes.  I just recently started cleaning out my drawers and found a TON of old shorts that still fit as long as I have the rubber band tied around the button.  So I plan to start wearing those more often. 

Weight Gain:  I’m pretty consistent with one pound a week like I should be.  I’m sitting at about 17 1/2 pounds right now with 15 weeks to go.  Still thinking I’ll gain about 35 pounds total.  I’ve actually evened out to where I was with Carter at this stage too so I’ve gained the same amount of weight with both babies as of 25 weeks, yet my overall weight this time around is about 9 pounds less than what I was with Carter, so naturally that makes me happy :)

Sleep:  Only change on sleep front is that I’m finally to where I can’t sleep on my back.  I don’t mean “finally” as if that’s a good thing.  It sucks.  I’m only saying “finally” because usually that happens sooner than now.  They say not to sleep on your back after the first trimester (14 weeks) because it can create shortness of breath as well as blood pressure issues.  My doc said as long as it doesn’t physically hurt, then it’s fine.  Well, it just now got to where it physically hurts.  I am WAY too out of breath and get light headed if I sleep on my back.  So I’m now sleeping on my side.  I may even bust out the old maternity pillow that I used with Carter soon.  We’ll see.

Belly Button: In and it will likely stay that way.  With Carter it never popped out, it just got really really flat as my stomach got bigger.  Still no indication of the line that shows up on your lower stomach just yet and I finally found out that it was 28 weeks when Justin noticed that line.  I wonder if it will show up this time or if it will be so faint I won’t see it.

Stretch Marks:  None yet.  Didn’t have any with Carter so I’m hoping it stays that way.

Cravings/Aversions:  Haven’t really noticed any major cravings lately.  And to be honest, it appears that I’m one of those rare few that don’t crave things during pregnancy.  With Carter the only things I craved were eggs and chocolate milk, but I loved those things when I wasn’t pregnant so I don’t really count those.  Haven’t craved much of anything at all during this pregnancy either.

Exercise Routine:  Still 6 days a week friends!  I’m extremely happy that I’ve been able to keep up this intensity for so long.  I did fall off my pullup bar and about broke an ankle while doing P90X the other day.  Though it wasn’t because of anything pregnancy related, I just lost my footing when coming off the chair I use to assist me during pullups.  I fell straight to the ground and rolled my ankle on the way down and let out a short little scream.  Carter was playing in the den and heard me and came running to my aid like the little sweetie he is.  He came in the room and said “what mommy doing? Mommy hurt?”.  I told him that I fell down and hurt my ankle and then he went and kissed it and gave me a hug and said “Carter make it all better mom”.  Be still my heart.  Except for the part where he now calls me “mom”.  I’m so not ready for that!

Baby Size:  Goodness gracious how little boy has grown the past two weeks.  At 25 weeks, Garrett is now the size of a cauliflower (week 24 he was the size of a cantaloupe).  So that means that he’s roughly 2lbs and is about 14 inches in length.  I’m hoping that whenever I do my 4D ultrasound that they’ll be able to give me more specifics on weight and height, just so I have an idea.

Movement:   Garrett still moves all the time and I still love it.  Watching my tummy move is more and more fascinating by the day.  These days they aren’t just quick little kicks.  Now that his legs are longer and he’s bigger just in general, the movements I see are more of him moving across my stomach instead of just a quick jab (if that makes any sense).

Gender:  I am the queen in my house of boys!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  My glucose test is at the next appointment so I’m interested to see how I do on that.  I passed the 1 hour test the first time with Carter so I’m hoping that’s the case again.  And I’m also looking forward to scheduling my 4D ultrasound which is done somewhere around 28-30 weeks, though as of now I’m trying to determine whether to have it done at my doctor’s office or at a local place called 4D Mommies where it’s much cheaper.

Other Comments:  So I have been debating this for a long time on this and finally made a decision. I did make a registry for this baby.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how little is on it.  Several people have asked me what we want and it’s nice to have a registry so that I don’t have to keep up with what people get.  Also, the one thing everyone thinks that moms and dads of baby #2 need, especially when it’s the same sex as baby #1, is diapers.  This is very true, trust me, but it’s not the only thing we need.  There’s still several things that Carter still uses that we’ll have to get another one for Garrett.  Things like a sound machine, or stuffed animals, or a clothes hamper.  If anyone is interested in showering Garrett with a gift, feel free to get diapers or anything on our registry.  Click here to see the registry at Buy Buy Baby (I didn’t bother with multiple registries-one was enough!).  We certainly don’t need any clothes because we have all of Carter’s clothes stored away that we’ll use for Garrett.  Unless it’s monogrammed of course!  We live in the south so God knows baby Garrett will need some stuff with his name on it!  All this being said, the REAL reason we created a registry is to get the registry completion coupon that you get towards the end of your pregnancy.  It’s like 35% off of whatever is left on your registry!

Next Appointment:  26 week appointment is on July 25th, me and Justin’s 5 year anniversary.  How appropriate.  At this appointment I will have my glucose screening as well as scheduling my 4D ultrasound (assuming I choose to do it at my doctor’s office).   

Bump Pic for Week 25:

 25 Weeks

Bump Pic for Week 24:

24 Weeks


Renee said...

Good idea to do a registry! I didn't even think of that, but there were lots of things we needed for Alden because Leland was still using them. And we did end up needing clothes because Alden grew so much faster than Leland and his clothes were the wrong season (and Leland was a major spitter, so a lot of his baby clothes were ruined).