Monday, August 11, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - Week 28 - Trimester #3

Can you believe it?!?!?  Because I can’t….week 28 is the first week in the 3rd trimester!  Only 12 weeks (or less) to go!

How far along: 28 Weeks, 3 Days

Symptoms:  Still have braxton hicks contractions every so often.  They are strong enough to stop me dead in my tracks for just a second, but then they’re gone and I’m fine.  So crazy to me because I never had them with Carter.  I’m still sleeping fine and don’t have any issues with back pain or leg cramps or any of the issues I had with Carter.  So grateful!  Making the consistent effort to workout as often as I do is definitely paying off!

Maternity Clothes:   Pretty much all maternity.  Still wear a few things that aren’t maternity (like workout clothes and jeans), but it’s mostly just maternity for comfort for me!

Weight Gain:   Up 19 1/2 lbs so far this week.  I’m doing pretty well with the whole ‘one pound a week’ thing.  At 28 weeks with Carter I was up roughly 21lbs.  As far as total weight goes, my weight right now is 12lbs less than it was with Carter at 28 weeks.  It’s an awesome feeling, let me tell you! 

Sleep:  No change.  Still sleep with a bunch of pillows.  Justin laughs and makes fun of the “pillow wall” between us in the bed so that I have back support :)

Belly Button:  Still in and I still think it will stay that way since it never popped with Carter.

Stretch Marks:  None yet.  Didn’t have any with Carter so I’m hoping it stays that way.

Cravings/Aversions:   Still nothing out of the ordinary.  Well I take that back.  Justin and I were driving in Tuscaloosa looking at a car one day and we passed this chinese restaurant that I used to go to all the time when I lived there.  I made him go eat dinner there.  I haven’t had chinese food this entire pregnancy so that was a first.

Exercise Routine:  Still doing 5-6 days a week.  I’m starting to have to do about half of the pushups I do on my knees instead of my toes.  If I do too many on my toes, my ab muscles start to tighten and it hurts pretty badly.  So I usually do them on my toes until I get that pain and then I move to my knees.  Still using a chair to help me with pullups.  I may start decreasing the number in my pullup sets from 12 to 10 sometime soon.  As I gain weight, it’s obviously just a lot more to pull up so the more weight I gain, the harder the pullups are.  I can still do some ab work, but like I said, the muscles are just starting to tighten so quickly that I can only do certain exercises and I can only do them for so long.  I’m also still doing planks, but I have to take more breaks during plank holds than I used to.  So overall, I’m still working out (mainly P90X) all the time, but I am beginning to have to modify several things.  I’m ok with this though.  I am truly shocked I made it to the 3rd trimester still doing P90x at all, much less 5 days a week!

Baby Size:  Garrett is creeping upwards of 2.5 lbs now and is about 16 inches in length.  He’s about the size of an eggplant.    He’s beginning to blink and is also starting to sleep in cycles.

Movement:   Still moving like crazy!  He is still most active in the morning (he usually wakes me up around 7ish-am) and right before I go to bed around 9-10pm.  He moves a ton when I take baths and I still notice most movements when I lay down.  I truly don’t remember Carter moving this much, but I honestly  just wonder if it’s because he was my first and I was unsure of movements.  With Garrett, I can feel every single thing he does in there.  Also I think he had the hiccups for the first time this week but it was very brief.

Gender:  I am the queen in my house of boys!

Appointments and Such:  My next appointment is the day I turn 30 weeks, so August 22nd.  We decided to do our 4D ultrasound at another location instead of at my doctor’s office (it’s about $80 cheaper).  So the ultrasound will be August 15th (Friday).  The location we’re having it done wants you to be between 27-29 weeks and I’ll be exactly 29 weeks on the 15th.  Talk about waiting till the last minute!  After the 30 week appointment with my doctor on the 22nd, my appointments will be every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then they will be weekly until Garrett’s here! 

We haven’t talked birth plan yet.  I plan to discuss it with my doctor once he starts checking me for dilation.  I absolutely LOVED being induced with Carter and would love another induction, however I would prefer to not go over my due date again.  Justin is a groomsman in a wedding on October 25th in Mississippi (this makes me extremely nervous, but honestly I don’t think we have a choice-this guy is literally his best friend and has been there for us so much in the past) so if Garrett turns out to be the same as Carter and doesn’t show any sign of coming early, I’d like to be induced once Justin gets back from the wedding.  So October 26th or 27th.  I will have to talk to Dr. H about it and see what he says though. 

Nursery Developments:  Lord have mercy we have so much to do still.  Here’s our basic plan for Garrett’s nursery:  Carter’s furniture all came from Buy Buy Baby.  It’s the good stuff too-expensive crib that transfers to toddler bed, nice mattress, 5 drawer dresser and a changing table with a ton of drawers.  Since we want Garrett to have the good mattress and crib (will help reduce SIDS risk), we’ve decided to just move all of Carter’s furniture to Garrett’s room.  We bought a crib that’s also convertible to a toddler bed along with a mattress for a whopping $100 from a neighbor that Justin has already sanded down and started painting.  We also had a random 5 drawer dresser in a spare room and he’s already done painting that one.  These items will go in Carter’s room.  I want to do some kind of reading nook for Carter since he loves books so much, but we need to have the furniture in place before I can make an exact plan for what to do.  So basically, as far as Garrett’s room goes, we have it painted and are in the process of getting ready to move the furniture, but that’s about it.  We do already have a chair in Garrett’s room and have hung a curtain for the window.  I have done ZERO with decorations because I kinda need to see the furniture in the room before I decide how I want to decorate it.   We’re just quickly running out of time!

Bump Pic for Week 28:

28 Weeks

Bump Pic for Week 27:

27 Weeks

And let’s do another comparison….just for fun :)

9 weeks  28 Weeks

That would be an 19 week difference.  To the left was me at 9 weeks and then the right is me this week, 28 weeks.  Can’t imagine what the difference will look like if Garrett holds out until 40 weeks like Carter did!


Chelley N said...

You look great! Hot Momma :-)

Mimi said...

The one week difference is crazy! He is growin!! It's good that you aren't having too much pain. Also, if I ever have another child, I am going to exercise and eat SO much better!! I gained 60lbs and never lost it! LOL!