Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Sweet Little Pumpkin Is A…..

Yesterday we had a fun little gender reveal party to reveal the gender of our sweet little baby.  Our ultrasound was on Friday at 9am and I was so anxious.  Not anxious about the gender though (Justin and I had the tech write the gender in an envelope and then seal it and we passed it off to a friend of ours) but about the overall health of the baby.  This is strange because with Carter, I was intently looking at the screen trying to sneak a peak at the goods, even though we did the same thing with him that we did with this baby in not finding out the gender until the reveal party (see the post to his reveal party here).  Even though we were going to wait until the reveal party with Carter, I tried to sneak a peak during the ultrasound anyway.  It was all I could think about during that 18 week appointment.  I wanted to know if Carter was a he or she.

This time was different though.  I think it was because of having a miscarriage, but I was WAY more concerned with making sure all the organs and bones and limbs were growing like normal.  She showed us all the body parts and I asked to see the spine to make sure it looked ok.  I also asked her if there was enough amniotic fluid and she said that the level and quality of fluid was great.  I was a happy girl!!!  With Carter, the tech printed all the pictures and put them in the sealed envelope along with the DVD so that our friend Jackie could bake a cake for us for the gender reveal party.  She did what I asked her to do, but deep down I was upset because all of the pictures were in the envelope and I didn’t get to see any pictures at all until after the party that was 2 days later. 

This time, the tech printed two pictures showing the sex separately to seal in the envelope and gave me the rest of the pictures so I got to look at all the pictures as much as I wanted and didn’t have to wait until the reveal party!  And on top of that, she didn’t do the gender on the DVD so I got to also have the DVD and watch it over and over without ruining anything for myself!  That made me super happy.  We showed Carter the pictures but of course he doesn’t see anything in them.  He won’t get it until he sees an actual baby.  On another note, the past three days he has woken up for the day and when I go to get him from his room, he sits straight up and says “open the box!!!” and I had to tell him that he wouldn’t open the box of balloons for another couple days. 

With Carter, Justin and I had our friend make a cake that was pink or blue on the inside and we cut into the cake in front of our friends and family.  This time, we used the same girl who made us another cake (pink or blue on inside) but she also filled a box for us with balloons that were pink or blue.  Midway through the party, we had Carter open up the box of balloons to find out if he was going to have a brother or sister.  So here’s how that went:

Yep….Sweet Carter is going to have a baby BROTHER!

We are so so excited!  Justin and Carter wore blue because they thought it was a boy (really Carter was about 50/50 when you asked him what he thought it was, but we don’t own a pink shirt for him-so blue it was!).  I wore pink because I really did think it was a girl.  Part of me feels like an awful mom for not having the right intuition about it, but honestly I don’t care.  I’m not the first mom to guess wrong.  I guessed Carter correctly so I got 50% of my kids gender right ;)

There was a big part of me that wanted a girl so that I could have something different.  Different challenges, different everything.  But I really am so so happy to have another sweet boy.  I get to raise two boys to love God and treat women the right way.  We need more men in the world that do those two things so I’ll take my responsibility for these two!  Also, I will be in a house full of boys that will protect their momma.  There’s just something special about being the only girl in the house!  And let’s not forget how friggin cheap it’s going to be to have another boy.  Recycling clothes, toys, bedding, etc.  I still have all of Carter’s clothes-never sold a single thing.  So basically all we need for this baby is diapers and a few monogrammed clothes (every kid needs something with their name on it). 

We have a name, but we’re making sure it’s the right name and I think it is because Carter is already calling the baby by that name, but I’ll wait to announce it until we are 100% certain, which probably won’t be long from now.  I’m so grateful for all of our friends and family that were able to come to the party and find out with us!  You guys are so awesome and thank you so much for caring about our family!  Here’s a few pictures that my sister took at the party.  Oh yeah, and special shout out to my sister who flew in from Tampa to be there.  I had NO idea she was coming!!!

IMGP1029 IMGP1030

This was before opening the box.  Me and a few girls were “analyzing” the ultrasound photos to see if we could see any indication of blue or pink in them :) 


Carter and Harper were very ready to open the box!

IMGP1051 IMGP1059 IMGP1065 IMGP1070 IMGP1072 

photo.JPG1 IMGP1082 IMGP1101IMGP1096  IMGP1109 IMGP1129 IMGP1132

I love this picture of Harper and Carter together!!!  Maybe I’m crazy, but I think they look so much alike sometimes!


This was funny.  We were trying to get Carter to come stand with me and Justin by the box and he wouldn’t, but Harper did! 


After some pictures we went inside to cut the cake.  The girl that did the box also did the cake and we already knew it would be blue but it was still fun to cut into!

 IMGP1159 IMGP1161 IMGP1162

This was about the time that I said “so how funny would it be if the inside of this cake was pink??”


But it wasn’t….it was BLUE!

 IMGP1175 IMGP1176

Carter was LOVING the cake! 

So we are excited to enter into “big brother/little brother” territory!  I guess it’s time for me to start looking for matching shirts ;)


April said...

Yay! So exciting! And you aren't the only Mommma that thought she was having a girl! ;)

Kassie said...

Hi, we don't know each other, I've seen your blog through Allison Williamson, but congratulations!! I'm due Oct 15 with a little girl, so it's neat to compare notes with your belly posts to mine. Congrats on the boy, it will be so much fun having two little guys!!

Stephanie said...

How fun, congratulations!!

Mrs. K said...

Congratulations, Marci! You are going to love having two little boys, it is seriously so much fun. Their bond will be like no other. =)

Fiona said...

Yay!! So excited for you!! :) Brothers!! I am so excited to be having two of the same as well (sisters in our case) because I think it will mean a really special bond and friendship... plus reusing clothes of course! ;) Congrats!!