Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 18 Weeks

How far along: 18 weeks, 5 days

Symptoms:  No symptoms other than the sinus thing I’ve discussed in previous posts.  It’s not even a big thing to me anymore….I guess I’m just getting used to it.  And I’m lucky it only happens at night while I’m sleeping and it’s not all day every day.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as the past couple of weeks.  If I wear shorts, they’re maternity shorts (except for one pair that I can still button up).  Shirts are still about 75% non-maternity, 25% maternity.  My workout clothes are all non-maternity and I’m about to have to buy some maternity yoga pants because only 3 pairs of them fit me now and when you workout 5 days a week, that’s not enough!  So I’ll probably go buy a couple of pairs of yoga pants in the coming weeks.

Weight Gain:  Right now I’m about 10 1/2 pounds, which is about 1/2 pound more than I was with Carter at this point.  Still not really concerned with weight because I am so much more “fit” this time around because of how much I workout.  I’m also just now at the weight I was at with Carter when I peed on a stick.  So even though I’ve gained roughly the same amount of weight at 18 weeks with both pregnancies, I’m about 9ish pounds lighter at 18 weeks with this baby than I was at 18 weeks with Carter….if that makes any sense!

Sleep:  No change.  Sleep is normal.

Cravings/Aversions:  Haven’t really noticed any major cravings lately.

Exercise Routine:  Still holding strong at about 5 days a week of P90X, Mommy and Me Fitness and/or Pure Barre.

Baby Size:  At week 18, baby is the size of a sweet potato.  At our 18 week ultrasound, baby measured right at 18 weeks and was 8oz which is right on track according to the doc.  They didn’t tell me length but on average, babies at 18 weeks are around 6 inches.  He is longways in my belly…so his feet are on the left side of my belly and his head is on the right side.  Or at least that was the position he was in when we did the ultrasound.  They move a lot at this stage so he could be in a totally different position now.  At Carter’s 18 week ultrasound he was breech.  Baby is now yawning, hiccupping and swallowing as well as kicking, twisting, rolling and punching.  For comparison, Carter weighed 11oz at 18 weeks.  With him, we were told he was measuring a week ahead of schedule, but he ended up leveling out later because at his 4D the due date was on track again.

Movement:  I feel baby ALL. THE. TIME.  And I love it.  I wasn’t able to feel Carter until he was 21 weeks because the placenta was in the front of my uterus.  This time, the placenta is in the back (according to the ultrasound tech) which explains why I’ve been able to feel baby move so much so soon.  Justin even felt movement at about 17 1/2 weeks and he didn’t feel Carter move until I was 23 or 24 weeks.

Gender:  If you missed the last blog post, you can read it here, but we had our gender reveal party on Saturday, May 31st and Carter opened a box of balloons and we all found out we were having a sweet baby boy!  We have had a boy name since we were pregnant with Carter (had no idea what we would have named a girl-we hadn’t even discussed it).  We’ll be meeting sweet baby Garrett Franklin Morris at the end of October.  Carter is already saying “baby Garrett” all the time and two nights ago when I was rocking him he was telling God (during prayer) all the things he’s thankful for.  He went through the usual “Nana, Papa, Don Don, Ina, Gigi, etc….” and then out of nowhere, he said the baby’s FULL name.  He said “Garrett Franklin Morris”.  LOVE!  The night after that he told me and I quote “Carter want to touch baby Garrett.  Hold his hand so we can play ring around the rosey”.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Getting the nursery set up.  Carter starts summer school this week and Justin is actually in town next week so we may go ahead and start doing stuff.  We are actually going to use the same bedding Carter had as a newborn and Garrett will even inherit Carter’s crib.  There will be differences though.  We will paint his room green instead of the blue in Carter’s room.  We’ll still have block letters with Garrett’s name just like Carter’s, but they’ll be in a different part of the room.  He’ll also have a different color rocking chair and overall decor will be a tad different.  I’ve even already made out a “Garrett” list of all the things we’ll need for him.  We say that diapers is all we need, and that is the biggie, but there are a few other things that we’ll need too, like another noise machine, some more stuffed animals and books (Carter will never give up his books or animals-trust me), a new thermometer (ours does NOT work anymore), some pacifiers, etc.  A bunch of small things basically.

Bump Pic for Week 18:

18 Weeks

I can’t even explain how excited I am to finally know what we’re having.  To finally be able to begin planning.  To call Garrett by his name (which I must admit is still weird because I’m so used to only having one child).  I am enjoying this pregnancy so much, probably because it will likely be my last.  I say “likely” because neither Justin nor I want a third child, but since neither of us are having “procedures” done just yet, there’s technically always a chance.  But it’s just unlikely.