Monday, June 16, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 Weeks, 3 Days - Over halfway!!!

Symptoms:  No big symptoms the last couple weeks.  The sinus thing is even starting to not become as big of an issue as it has been in the past.  The only other thing I’ve noticed (and apologies for any males reading this) is that the boobs are gigantic.  I am now wearing bras I was wearing with Carter when I was NURSING.  That was the biggest they ever got with Carter-during nursing.  If they’re already that size now…..y’all…..I’m scared! 

Maternity Clothes:  Same as the past couple of weeks.  If I wear shorts, they’re maternity shorts.  Shirts are now more of about 60% non-maternity, 40% maternity.  Still haven’t gone to buy any maternity workout clothes yet but will have to do that pretty soon.

Weight Gain:  Man oh man did this kid have some kind of growth spurt the last two weeks.  I’m up to 12 pounds now.  12.  Yikes.  The weight gain is baffling me because I workout 6 days a week and eat really healthy (we hardly ever eat out) so I have no idea where it’s coming from.  I’m about a pound more than I was with Carter at this stage, so still not a huge deal by any means.  I guess I’m just confused because I rarely worked out with Carter since I was still working as a CPA and never had time.  I had a weight gain week like this with Carter too but it wasn’t until 22 weeks.  They say baby goes through one of it’s largest growth spurts somewhere between weeks 18-22, so I guess that was what happened.  The belly popped out a ton more this week too and so many people have said stuff to me.  One woman at our church even commented to my mother-in-law because she had no idea I was pregnant!  I guess that’s a compliment.

Sleep:  No change.  Sleep is normal.

Belly Button: In and it will likely stay that way.  With Carter it never popped out, it just got really really flat as my stomach got bigger.  No indication of the line that shows up on your lower stomach just yet.  Can’t really remember when it showed up with Carter, but I do remember that it FREAKED JUSTIN OUT!

Stretch Marks:  I’m hoping I don’t get any.  Never got any with Carter.  I will say I have noticed some very light stretch marks on my boobs though….which isn’t surprising if you read my “symptoms” section.

Cravings/Aversions:  Haven’t really noticed any major cravings lately.

Exercise Routine:  Still holding strong at 6 days a week of P90X, Mommy and Me Fitness and/or Pure Barre.

Baby Size:  At week 20, baby is the size of a banana or mango.  It’s about 6.5 inches from head to heel and weighs about 11 ounces.  See when Justin sees that he thinks that because baby only weighs 11 ounces that I should have only gained one pound.  Boys just don’t understand.  It’s not just the baby I got in my uterus.  It’s a placenta and blood and the growth of the actual uterus and amniotic fluid, and all kinds of other stuff that wasn’t in my body previously.  Men. 

Movement:  Still feel Garrett kick all the time and am still loving it.  As he’s getting bigger I’ve noticed the kicks getting stronger and also moving upwards in location.  I mainly feel them around the belly button now instead of below it.  It just means my uterus is getting bigger and his location is moving upwards.

Gender:  If you missed the gender reveal post, you can read it hereWe are having another sweet baby boy!  His name is Garrett Franklin Morris.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Getting a tad more done in the nursery.  Walls are painted.  We went with green since Carter’s room is blue.  I won’t lie, the green we painted is a little brighter than I thought it was, but I think once we get furniture in there and stuff on the walls it will look perfectly fine.  And honestly, even if it doesn’t look fine….I couldn’t care less!  I worked so hard on making Carter’s room absolutely perfect and the only people that ever see that room are me, Justin and Carter.  In another few years, he’ll probably even ask me to change up his room.  So it’s definitely not worth fretting over for sure!

Next Appointment:  22 weeks is my next appointment.  No ultrasound or anything like that.  Just hearing the heartbeat on the doppler and checking blood pressure, urine and iron levels.  That appointment is next Thursday, the 26th.

Bump Pic for Week 19:

19 Weeks

Bump Pic for Week 20:

20 Weeks


Breanna said...

You look great, Mama! I'm so happy to finally feel this baby moving! It's so fun seeing what you are going through since we're in this together :) You can ditto me on the boob thing! Haha! Holy cow - mine didn't grow at all with Jonah!