Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Church Trunk-or-Treat

Sunday was our church’s annual Trunk-or-Treat.  We took Carter last year when he was a monkey for Halloween.  He was 10 months old at the time.  Now he’s 22 months old and boy was there a difference!  Last year he just kinda sat there or we carried him.  This year he was running ALL OVER THE PLACE.  He was definitely hard to keep up with!  Here’s a few pictures:


My sweet little tiger!!  Anytime you asked him what a tiger says, he touched his hoodie (because he knew the tiger face was on the hood) and yelled “rooooaaaaarrrrr”.  The picture above was mid-roaring.  So cute.

I’ve already gotten some heat from people thinking he’s “Aubie” (as in Auburn University-for those of you non-southern followers).  Even though I am 100% confident that Carter will follow in daddy’s footsteps and be an Auburn fan (obviously when he gets older, Justin intends to take him to many Auburn games), however this is not the reason for being a tiger for Halloween.  This costume costs $35 at Buy Buy Baby and I got it at a church consignment sale for $3.  That’s why he’s a tiger.  Period.

 IMGP9449 IMGP9450

The second Carter spotted his Papa he ran as fast as he could to him!


My sweet little fam :)


My twin nieces were Thing 1 and Thing 2 this year.  Last year, they were a ladybug and a bumblebee.



Carter desperately wanted to go in the moonwalk, so I ended up going with him because as much as I love the youth group that was in there to assist and direct kids through the moonwalk, I wasn’t about to depend on them to make sure my 2 year old didn’t get stomped all over by the big kids.  He had a blast in there but it was short lived because the big kids started coming in and they were moving and bouncing so fast and all over the place that I think it scared Carter a bit, so I had to take him out.  He wasn’t happy with me.


One of the trunks was a coloring station.  Perfect for these three as they LOVE to color.  Carter got a little upset that we didn’t let him walk away with the crayons.  He likes to carry colors around with him and I am trying to discourage that so that once he gets a coloring table (coming soon for his birthday in December) he knows that the colors must stay at the table.  Momma doesn’t want markers all over her walls and furniture.


We may have a basketball player on our hands :)


There was also a station for making your own cookies.  You could put your choice of icing and/or sprinkles on whichever cookie you chose.  We got an oatmeal cookie for Carter and put chocolate icing on it with sprinkles…


And he tried to pick off the sprinkles from the cookie and individually eat them.  Eventually he just started eating the whole cookie.  However it took him forever to eat it because he was trying to eat it while playing other games.  The look on his face was hilarious when he wanted to play a game and was frantically searching for somewhere to put his cookie so his hands were free (he didn’t trust giving it to anyone in fear that they would eat it).


Yummy cookie :)


The kids went fishing and got coloring books!


See what I mean?!?!  Wouldn’t put the cookie down!!!  Gotta love that chocolate face!!!


Now this I think we’re going to have to get him for Christmas.  He LOVED it.  Throwing the ball back in the hoop was so much fun to him!

IMGP9493 IMGP9494

He loves his Nana so much :)

We had a lot of fun!  And Carter was being a trooper considering that 2 days prior to this, we went to see his pediatrician for a cough that turned out to be croup AND  a double ear infection.  Luckily, we caught it early and he got an oral steroid for the croup and antibiotics for the ear infection.  He never even acted sick!


Stephanie said...

Such a cute tiger! We went to a local festival last weekend and there was a bounce house. (It was the first time my heart broke a little bit seeing my little girl growing up). She walked right over to the bounce house and wanted to go in, but there were much bigger kids in there and we weren’t about to let her go in for the same reasons as you. She was so upset and started crying when we told her she couldn’t go in. Sigh…you just want to give them the world and I have a feeling this is the first of many times that we will fall short of that. Anyway, back to your light and fun Halloween post – looks like you all had a great time!

Fiona said...

This looks like so much fun!!! So neat to see Carter enjoying it that much more this year, now that he can run around and really get involved in the activities. What a cute little tiger he was. Also, so sweet how much he loves his grandparents!! :)