Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Kids

How many of you think I’m about to announce a pregnancy with twins because of that title?!?!
No news of that nature here!!!  Instead, I wanted to show you what goes on behind the scenes of trying to get three kids to take a picture together.


It’s kind of like looking at a jar of jelly beans and guessing how many are in it.  How many adults with pictures or videos on phones does it take for three kids to smile?!?!  In our case, more than we had because we never got a good picture.

Last weekend we all got together at the Morris household to celebrate Justin’s sisters birthday.  We ordered Zoe’s and had cookie cake!


This girl has NEVER met a camera she didn’t love!!  She just loves to have her picture taken!


All the chocolate is from the cookie cake.


Carter found a new obsession when we were over there.  Empty coke bottles.   Seriously moms to be, don’t waste your money on toys.  Just recycle cardboard boxes and coke bottles.  It’s all they need!!


Trying out some cookie cake.  I think he liked it!


With three kids eating at the table with the adults, some clean up needed to happen afterwards.  This nice little rice pile is all from Carter!


Carter loves his Papa!


Love seeing them play together.  Of course, right now they aren’t so much “playing together” as they are “stealing toys from each other and frequently hitting each other with them”. 

I am now almost done with my 4th week in busy season.  Our hours went to 60 sooner than they normally do because we had so much work from our clients in.  It’s nice that I’m not working 60.  I’m only working 50 since I’m part time, but even 50 is extremely difficult.  Justin’s big travel season is usually the fall, but he’s currently on his 5th week of consecutive traveling.  Trying to work 50 hours while taking care of Carter by myself when Justin's out of town while also making sure I accommodate my mother in law’s schedule is the most tiresome thing I’ve done in a long time.  Probably since giving birth to my wee man. 

Every week is a struggle, but I’m doing my best.  Though I can’t help shake the feeling that I’m a failure.  On any given day, I’m trying to be super mom, super wife and super accountant.  I usually fail at accomplishing at least one of those every day.  I have to give up on trying for at least one of the three daily.  Some days I give up being super mom when Justin is in town and I have to stay at work late to make up for the previous days when I couldn’t stay at work because my MIL had somewhere to be and I had to go get Carter.  On these days, I don’t even get to see Carter.  I give up being the super wife when I don’t have time to get the dishes done or do laundry or do anything at all whatsoever around the house not to mention the attention I know my husband wants from me that I just don’t have time to give.  And I give up being a super accountant when I decide that I’ve had enough of not seeing my baby and I leave work to come home instead of staying to work late.  I just can’t find a happy balance with all three right now.  So ready for busy season to be over!!!!  9 1/2 more weeks…..UGH.  What’s getting me through is thinking of what life will be like after busy season is over.  I will only be working 34 hours a week, so on most weeks, I will have Friday’s off.  A three day weekend with my baby :)  I think I can, I think I can…


Anna Catherine said...

You can do it! I can only imagine the pull you fill from all you have going on. Hang in there and cut yourself some slack!
Ecclesiastes 3:1 -
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Jenna E said...

I have my husband home everyday helping me and I am not working. You are super mom! I can't imagine doing it all. You will have good days and bad days.

I love those pictures!!

Fiona said...

Firstly, love all the photos!! :)

Secondly, wow girl, you are doing an AMAZING job to juggle what you are juggling. 50 hours a week?!? I couldn't do that without a baby!! That is a lot!! And you are doing it and being a mom and a wife?? You should be very proud and definitely do not feel like a failure. You can do it!! Great times lay ahead in 9 1/2 weeks!! :)

Stephanie said...

"Only working 50 cause your part time?" That just doesn't even sound right, ha! I agree it's pretty funny to see the behind the scenes of what all goes into getting a picture of multiple little ones. A three day weekend sounds will be here before you know it.

Lauren Kelly said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job, friend! Nobody's perfect but you're doing your best and that's a great example you are setting for Carter.