Tuesday, December 7, 2010

St. Mark Dancers and IMG Blog

I am incredibly late in posting this, but I am so very proud of our dancers that Jen and I teach on Wednesdays. Several weeks ago, the girls performed the routine we taught them at the Hillside service (our contemporary service). Here's the video of them. These girls only meet on Wednesdays for about 45 minutes so the fact that they were able to remember the routine was amazing. I love all these girls. We are currently rehearsing the routine that four of them are doing for the Christmas Play this Sunday. I'll post that video next week sometime.

Have you looked at my countdown to Africa lately??? Because we're down to single digits! This morning I was driving to work and the thought popped in my head that I'm going to Africa...NEXT WEEKEND. Ok I guess technically I'm going to Amsterdam next weekend and we'll be going to Africa the following Monday, but nonetheless, we're still so incredibly excited. We've got everything together, just haven't packed it yet. We're waiting until next week to pack.

If you are interested in keeping up with us while we're gone read below:

I have to say that because if you're like me, sometimes you skim blogs that are "wordy" instead of reading the full thing. After we leave the Detroit airport on December 17th, there will be pretty much zero communication with us. Justin and I don't want to use our phones in Amsterdam and they more than likely won't be working at all in Africa (at least not in the locations that we'll be in) so communication will be very minimal and only to our families whenever we do have ways to communicate. However, our guides do an interesting blog that keeps everyone up to date with where we're at on our hike and how everyone's doing. By reading this blog, you'll be able to tell when we get to camp each night and if everyone is safe as well as if we summited the mountain successfully (THE DAY WE DO IT). They even post pictures of both the mountain and the safari. To see this blog, **CLICK HERE**. IMG has numerous trips going on all at the same time so you may also see updates on the blog for teams that are climbing other mountains all over the world, but we'll be the only team they are guiding up Kilimanjaro (referred to on the blog as "Kili") at that time, so if you see anything regarding the Kili team, it's us that they're talking about.


Jenny said...

Great video!

Its getting so close for yall to leave! I know yall are excited!

The Langham's said...

It's great that you are able to share your gift of dance. These girls are so cute and so serious about what they are doing. :) Happy and safe travels to you and Justin.