Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What I'm Marrying Into...


Justin and I went to Pensacola, FL this past weekend to go to the wedding of his cousin, David Morris. I met his ENTIRE family that weekend. Both his parents families live in close proximity to each other. The wedding we went to was his dad's side of the family. His dad is one of five brothers and sisters, most of which have kids and grandkids. Learning all those names was ROUGH!

We stayed the weekend at his grandparents house in Cantonment, FL (his mom's parents). They also have a large family. The picture above is of his mom's side of the family. His grandparents take family pictures a lot, and have them blown up and hung inside their living room. The last family picture they had, however, was when Justin was in his younger college years and Jennifer (his sister) had just started dating Aeron, who she has now been married to for seven years. So it was past time to take another picture! They hired a photographer to come AT 7:45AM to take this picture. I would try to list off who everyone is in the picture, but I am sure I would butcher it! I kept telling his family that I needed a flow chart to keep up with them! Paw Paw Skelton kept trying to quiz me. I did ok most of the time. I think I have the adults down, but no such luck on the kiddos ;)


Laura Sue said...

aww! i love big families! my dad is one of 5 brothers and sisters and they all have 2-3 kids now and a few of the 'kids' are even married now.

i'm leaving tomorrow for a beach wedding for one of my cousins!