Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jingle All The Way....

YAAAAAAY for Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith!!!! We have officially exceeded both of our goals for the Jingle Bell Run. We had a group goal of raising $3,000 and as of right now, we've raised $3,590!!!! We also had a goal of recruiting 100 people to run with us and as of right now, we've got 105 people running! We are in first place by far for other teams signed up to do the Jingle Bell Run. The second place team has raised $1,267 and recruited 10 people to run! I think it may be safe to say that we've got this one in the bag :)

Also, we got the proofs back from our photos from doing the Vulcan Run. I can't save them to my computer to download, but I can give you a link to go to:

When you get to this screen, click on the Vulcan Run symbol in the center of the page. This should take you to another screen where you have to enter the "bib number". Justin's bib number was 590 and mine was 723. Enter these into the blank and click continue underneath the blank. We're not real sure why Justin only has one picture of himself and I have four....