Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost an aunt again...but not quite

This past weekend I drove down to Birmingham on Friday after work. As soon as I got to Justin's house, he drove us over to my mom's house for dinner. Mike, my step-dad, grilled out some steaks and we got the chance to catch up since I haven't seen my mom the past 2 or 3 times that I've come home. After dinner, Justin and I went back to his house to pick up Rob and then meet up with our friends Miranda and Tara at Iron Horse to see Appetite for Destruction. Justin didn't know what the band was or why they were called that. After I explained that it was a Guns N Roses cover band, I told him that we need to start him on lessons for learning about "good music".

Miranda and I go way back to our partying days in college when we frequently went to dance clubs and danced the night away. She felt the need to relive those days and requested that the group go to Nana Funks, which is apparently a dance club downtown that I had never heard of. Justin and Rob were not too keen on this idea, but being the amazing boyfriend he is, he came anyway because he knows that I don't ever get to see Miranda and he wanted me to have fun. The time flew by at Nana Funks and we finally decided to leave at 3am. That's about the longest I have stayed out since those days back in college!! Oh yeah, and a guy at Iron Horse asked if Justin was single...he was freaked out all night and asked Rob to come to the bathroom with him every time :) Sorry baby, you know I had to throw that one in!

What I was not aware of until Sunday, was that my sister was in the hospital on Friday because there was a small scare with Lydia. Lindsey usually feels Lydia move when she eats food or drinks a soft drink, but Lindsey did both on Friday and there was no movement from Lydia, so Jeff came home and took her to the hospital. After a period of time, they found a heartbeat and she started moving again, so she's ok now. It was quite a scare for Lindsey and I know that if I had known that on Friday I would have been freaking out so I'm kind of glad I didn't find out until Sunday.

On Saturday, we did the redneck thing again, tubing on the Cahaba. This time we went with Rob, Miranda, Tara, their friend Abby, and a couple of people from Homewood. We had a group of about 10 people. We actually had to wait for about an hour or two because all the tubes were gone when we got there. We had to wait for people to get out of the river to get their tube!! This place keeps no less than maybe 500 tubes at a time, so there was a crap ton of people on the Cahaba that day. This time, no injuries for Marcie!! Can't say the same for Rob though. He flipped over on one of the rapids and was bleeding like crazy!! We were so exhausted but already told people we were going to see Lynam at Barking Kudu, so once we got out of the river (around 8pm maybe) we went back to Justin's to change. We went to eat at Hooters...who has a FABULOUS grilled cheese by the way...and then headed up to the Kudu. There was suppose to be about 10 of our friends there, however, only a couple showed up. We did the best we could to stay out for a good amount of time, but between staying out til 3am the night before and tubing in the sun all day, we couldn't do it, so we got home around 12:30.

Me and Miranda at Barking Kudu

Me and Justin eating dinner before heading to Barking Kudu...where the waitress was probably meaner to Rob than Justin and I are...

And of course the highlight of the weekend, Rob's injuries from the Cahaba. Trust me, they look worse than this. He also has a bunch of cuts on his legs.

We didn't do much on Sunday. I wanted to go to church with Justin's family, but we ended up sleeping in. I slept til about 10am, which shocked me and Justin. He hates it when I wake up early on the weekends and thinks I am not normal because no matter what day of the week it is, I usually can't sleep past 8am. Justin and I ran some errands but when I got back to the house, I had a missed call from my sister's cell phone. Now a days, when I get a call from Lindsey I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for her to tell me to drive home. There was a voicemail and it was Jeff telling me to call back. I knew this was it! He never calls me from her cell phone so I knew something was up. I called him back and he said that her contractions were very strong and less than 4-5 minutes apart, which was when the doctor said he would consider pulling Lydia out, but that they were getting another check up from the doctor at 4pm and that I shouldn't drive back to Nashville just in case. I was worried because of work so I called my manager and arranged for me to work from Justin's house on Monday so that I could be close enough to get to her if she did go into labor. It was actually nice because Rob was working and Justin flew out to Kansas at 6am, so other than Gizmo, I had no distractions. Fortunately, Lindsey made it through the night and was just discharged from the hospital. She is still having some pretty painful contractions, but they're no longer very close together. The doctor said that Lydia may not make it to her due date of 8-8-08. I am willing to bet that Lydia will be here before this time next week, which actually kind of sucks for me. Since I'm going to Colorado from Thursday to Sunday, I won't be able to see her until the next weekend at best and definitely won't be able to video the birth, but we'll just have to see when God plans on gracing us with her presence. For now, please pray for my little girl.

I leave for Colorado on Thursday!!! Bonnie, Andrew, and I are all flying into Colorado Thursday afternoon/evening and Justin is picking us up because he will already be there. We will start out pretty early on Friday to go to Rocky Mountain National Park (where we are hoping to see lots of Elk and sheep). We will be there pretty much until the sun goes down and drive to a different hotel near the mountain to spend the night. We will start our hike of Mt. Elbert at 4am (when the temperature is around 39 degrees) on Saturday. We're hoping to be at the summit before noon because that mountain is known for lightning storms at the summit around noon. Because we're starting at 4am, we're going to be using head lamps to be able to see in the dark, which should make for some interesting pictures. But, we'll also have an EXCELLENT view of sunrise from the mountain. My next post won't be until I get back from Colorado so be prepared for LOTS of pics!