Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 39 Weeks

How far along:  39 Weeks, 1 Day

Symptoms:  I feel contractions every now and again but they’re not strong enough or consistent enough to put me into labor. 

Labor Progress (Dilation and Effacement):   My 39 week appointment was today and we got the AMAZING news that I’m now 2cm dilated, therefore, WE CAN INDUCE.  We have set the date.  We will check into the hospital Monday morning at 5am.  Less than 48 hours from now.  OMG.  I have no idea how effaced I am.  When the doc came in we chatted for a bit and I told him I really wanted to induce and he said “Alrighty, let’s see if that’s possible”.  Then he checked me and as soon as he was done he said “which day works for you next week??”  I was so ecstatic that he was almost out the door before I remembered to ask how dilated I was, but it totally slipped my mind to ask about effacement.  Doesn’t matter to me because all I cared about was being progressed enough that he would induce.  So our sweet boy will be born on October 27, 2014.  It’s a good day….it’s also his Nana’s birthday!

Maternity Clothes:   Pretty much all maternity clothes.  Lately I have actually been sporting yoga pants almost daily with one of Justin’s t-shirts.  Garrett has dropped so much that most of my t-shirts don’t cover the very bottom of my belly so I’ve just been wearing some of Justin’s smaller shirts.

Weight Gain:   Up 34 pounds.  I was hoping to gain less than I did with Carter, but it’s pretty close already.  Gained 36 with him so 34 is pretty darn close.  Even with all the working out and healthier eating, I still gained about as much as I did with Carter (I rarely worked out with him and pretty much ate what I wanted).  It leads me to believe that women’s bodies are all different and no matter what we do, our bodies just need to gain a certain amount of weight to support a baby.  Some women easily only gain 25 pounds, some gain as much as 45-50.  Everyone’s just different.

Sleep:  I was sleeping just fine until last night.  This happened with Carter too.  As soon as I got a date that we were going to have him, I couldn’t turn my brain off at night.  Going through all the things that could happen, everything I packed, wondering if I’m forgetting something.  Literally just spending the entire night making to-do lists in my head.  Last night I got maybe 4 hours of sleep.  Tonight I plan to take a unisom and get as much sleep as possible.

Belly Button:  Still a teeny tiny outtie, but not much at all.  More flat than anything else.

Stretch Marks:  None.

Cravings/Aversions:   Nothing unusual.

Exercise Routine:  Made it 4 days this week.  1 pure barre class and 3 days of walking about 3.5 miles around my neighborhood.  My pure barre package is done now so walking is the only exercise I’ll be doing.  I must say though, at 39 weeks, I feel awesome!  Soooooooooo much better than I did with Carter at 39 weeks. 

Baby Size:  At 39 weeks baby is the size of a watermelon.  YOWZAS!  He’s roughly 20 inches long and about 7 pounds now.

Movement:   He still moves a lot and I am feeling him SO low in my pelvis.  Like, to the point where sometimes during my walks I feel like he’s going to fall out!

Swelling and/or Signs of Labor:  Swelling is still a little bit there, but it’s at a minimum.  I am still wearing my wedding rings-YAY!  Like I mentioned above, I feel contractions but they’re not really intense enough to start labor and it doesn’t really matter anyway because we go in Monday to get him out!

Gender:  I am the queen in my house of boys!

Appointments and Such:   My 39 week appointment was my LAST appointment since we’re inducing.  So the next blogpost you see will be announcing Garrett’s entrance to the world!!!

Bump Pic for Week 39:

39 Weeks


Renee said...

Yay for progress! Can't wait to see pics of sweet Garrett! And only 10 days after Alden's birthday. We still have birthday buddies. :)

Joy said...

Cannot wait to see your newest addition in the form of pictures tomorrow!! Good luck, and we are praying for you! It's also Avery's 8 month birthday! =)

Chelley N said...

I'm so excited to see an update from you!!! I hope everything was GREAT yesterday and you're busy holding your sweet new boy today :-).