Friday, September 5, 2014

My Big Fat Belly 2.0 - 32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Weeks

Symptoms:  3rd trimester symptoms have begun.  Most notably the heartburn and shortness of breath.  I remember having some heartburn with Carter.  Still not sure if this is worse than it was with him.  I guess it will depend on how long it lasts.  With Carter it was sporadic and only lasted a couple weeks.  So far, it’s been relatively frequent, but we’ll see if it goes away on it’s own soon or not.  The shortness of breath is extremely common at this stage.  Baby is now so big that all of my organs are being pushed up into my lungs.  There’s no lack of oxygen to me or to baby, the shortness of breath is just a result of the cramping in there. 

Maternity Clothes:   Pretty much all maternity.  Still wear a few things that aren’t maternity (like workout clothes and jeans), but it’s mostly just maternity for comfort for me!

Weight Gain:   Holy canoly did this sweet baby have a growth spurt these past two weeks.  I gained about 3 1/2 pounds in two weeks and my belly grew almost an entire inch.  The belly grew more these past two weeks than it has in months.  So now I’m sitting at about 24 1/2 pounds of weight gain total.  I’m still about 12 pounds less than I was with Carter at this point so I’m still happy about that.  I wasn’t surprised by the growth spurt either.  Baby is now in “gaining fat” mode.  His organs are all fully developed (except his lungs which will take a couple more weeks) so now he’s just adding fat and he’ll gain over half of his body weight between weeks 31 and when he comes out.

Sleep:  The overall cramping of my organs into a small space above the uterus has caused the shortness of breath I talked about above, which is also affecting my sleep.  I still sleep perfectly fine, it’s just getting comfortable right before I fall asleep that’s a challenge.  I have to find just the right spot and angle…once I do, I’ll fall asleep and won’t wake up all that much.  This is huge because at this stage with Carter, I was waking up once every hour.  I will again attribute this excellence to the working out.  Working out helps you sleep better at night. 

Belly Button:  Still in and I still think it will stay that way since it never popped with Carter.  And there’s still no sign of the line from my belly button this time around.  It showed up with Carter around 28 weeks but no such showing with Baby Garrett yet.

Stretch Marks:  None yet.  Didn’t have any with Carter so I’m hoping it stays that way.

Cravings/Aversions:   Still Nada.

Exercise Routine:  Still rocking 5 days a week!  It’s pretty difficult to get 6 days, so I’m content with 5.  2 days are Pure Barre and the other 3 are P90x.  Anything related to cardio exercise is getting difficult because of the shortness of breath thing.  I’m still rocking the weight lifting and pullups.  Most pushups are done on my knees now, though I am still able to do a few on my toes.  I’m able to complete a pure barre class, though I significantly modify the ab section at this stage.

Baby Size:  Garrett is closing in on 4 pounds and is about 17-18 inches from head to foot now. 

Movement:   Definitely have noticed decreased movement.  It’s ok though, he’s just running out of room in there.  I still feel him many times throughout the day.  He wakes me up right at 7am every morning and I always just lay there and feel him move around for a while before I get up and start moving around myself. 

Swelling and/or Signs of Labor:  Still no swelling and no signs of labor yet!  Hoping for no signs of labor for at least 5 more weeks!  Of course with my track record, it’ll be a full 8 weeks and then I will be inducing to get this kid out of my body!

Gender:  I am the queen in my house of boys!

Appointments and Such:  32 week appointment with my doc was today.  I’m in the 2 week appointment series, so I have another one at 34 weeks, 36 weeks and then it will be weekly until Garrett joins us.  I can’t believe we’re in the last leg of this already!  I’m almost halfway through the 8th month now.  That is just SO crazy to me.  I will be honest, this isn’t my favorite part of pregnancy.  It’s the part where you start to lose sleep (though that hasn’t happened to me just yet), you start being extremely uncomfortable and the emotions of bringing home a brand new baby start to hit home.  All that said, I’m still enjoying it as much as I can in case it’s the last time we do this journey (as of now, we plan for it to be). 

Anyway back to the 32 week appointment.  It went fine.  The uterus is measuring right at 32 weeks.  Urine and weight are good.  My iron levels are dropping though.  It was a 34 this time which is apparently the cutoff to when you will start needing an iron supplement.  I had an iron deficiency with Carter too but had it SIGNIFCANTLY sooner than I did with this one.  Doc isn’t putting me on a supplement just yet.  We’ll test blood again at the 34 week appointment and if it’s gone below 34 then I’ll get on medication.  This is not unusual at all during pregnancy, it’s quite common.  It’s just something that pregnancy does to your body.   

We also discussed the plan going forward.  I will have my 34 week appointment on September 17th.  That’s actually 2 days before I will be 34 weeks, but my doc isn’t going to be in the office then, so I’m coming a couple days early.  2 weeks after that is my 36 week appointment and that’s when I will have my group B strep test and when I will get checked for the first time.  The next week will start weekly appointments, so I will see the doc at 37, 38, 39 and 40 (if I go that long).  With Carter, I had to get induced at 40 weeks and 1 day.  I talked to the doc about induction again.  I really liked the induction process and don’t mind going that route again at all, but since my due date is Halloween and I will have an almost 3 year old that will want to trick or treat, I kinda want to induce in that 39th week.  Doc says he is ok with this as long as I’m progressed enough.  So my prayer now is that I’m more than 1cm progressed by the time of that 39 week appointment.  With Carter, I never got over 1cm until I was finally induced after my due date.  I’m kind of banking on that whole “second babies come sooner” theory!

Nursery Developments:   We’ve finally transferred Carter’s furniture to Garrett’s room and put the new painted furniture into Carter’s room.  Carter’s room feels so bare now though.  I have to get him a reading nook for one of the walls that has absolutely nothing on it.  But at least now that the right furniture is in Garrett’s room, I can start planning for decorations.  I even ordered a couple of things off Zulily’s website for Garrett’s room so once I get those in, I can do a better job of planning what else I want in his room. 

Bump Pic for Week 31:

This was the only pic I managed to take of me at 31 weeks.  This is me and my friend Corrie (one of the Pure Barre instructors at the Riverchase location).  She was about 6 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy (though it so doesn’t look like it in this picture).  She just recently had her little girl….like today!  This was a picture we wanted to take for Pure Barre to use to show people that pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from working out, especially for a Pure Barre workout. 

31 weeks

Bump Pic for Week 32:

32 Weeks 

See what I mean?  Big ole’ growth spurt!!!


Chelley N said...

I remember being so emotional about bringing home Brenson. I was thrilled and excited, but also nervous about how I was going to handle it and especially about how it would effect Brianna. I cried and cried on the way home from the hospital knowing that her world was about to be forever changed and she didn't even realize it. But, he has been such a blessing to us all!