Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Haircut

Yesterday Carter had his very first haircut!  He’s almost 16 months old and just now had his first haircut.  It’s because he still doesn’t really have a lot of hair!  Even though he doesn’t have a ton of hair yet, what he did have was uneven and falling over his ears so it was time to get it taken care of.  Momma had an appointment herself at 3 and my stylist was going to do his hair when she was done with mine, so I told my mother-in-law to meet us up there at 4ish.  Side note-me, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law all use the same woman to cut our hair.  She cut the twins hair for their first cut too!  We tried to cut it with Carter just looking in the mirror, but that wasn’t distracting enough for him.  Every time Jackie touched the back of his head, he turned around to look at her and see what she was doing.  So we ended up going out the back door to get him outside to see if that distracted him more.  It worked, so Jackie cut off a bit while I was holding him in the back lot.  Debbie (MIL) was kind enough to snap some pictures with my phone:

 photo18 photo19 photo17photo20 photo21

And yes, I cut my hair off.  And got bangs.  That are already annoying the crap out of me.  My hair is extremely fine and thin and when it gets as long as I allowed it to get (completely neglected during busy season) it just looks nappy and won’t hold any kind of curl.  So it was just time to cut it off.  It feels so much lighter now!  It will definitely take some practice figuring out how to style it!  My hair hasn’t been this short in years!


Stephanie said...

Whatever works, right?! Doesn't seem like there were any tears though so that's always a plus. Love your new do! I am getting to the point where I want to chop mine off too, but I'm enjoying being able to throw it up in a ponytail when I don't style it.

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

So funny - we just took Claire in for her first "haircut" this weekend. It was more like "three snips and some shaping" but some of her little hairs were getting out of control. We took her to the lady who cuts my husband's hair b/c her son is in Claire's daycare class and she knows her. She did great!

Your hair looks so good! I'm growing mine out right now but it sure is hard not to chop it all off. I'm still working on some post baby growth though.

April said...

LOVE your cut! Cute!

Mrs. K said...

You both look great & it looks like Carter took it like a champ! =)

Fiona said...

Lids is like Carter, not much hair but also not very even... However, as a girl with little hair, we're just going to try to let it grow! I want pig tails!! :) Love your haircut by the way!!! You look great!

A Wedding Story said...

I think your hair looks great! I have fine hair too so I sympathize with you. My husband doesn't understand why I can't just grow it out and have it look flowy and beautiful. It just doesn't happen with us fine haired girls! :)