Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had so much fun this Easter!!!  Last year, Carter was only 3 months old and the twins (my nieces from Justin’s sister, Jennifer) were only about 7 months old.  This year, Carter is 15 months and the girls are 18 months old.  It was so much more fun!  Not that last year wasn’t fun, but at these ages, they began to understand that the baskets are gifts for them.  The girls are even beginning to understand to collect eggs from the playroom (our little egg hunt was inside because it was raining most of the day) and put into their baskets.  Carter’s still a little young for this though. 

We started the morning by getting ready for church and then giving Carter his Easter basket and taking a few pictures with mom and dad:

IMGP8535IMGP8526 IMGP8532

It was all over as soon as he realized there were goldfish in the basket.  He required daddy to open them RIGHT THEN…

IMGP8534  IMGP8539

We also gave him a singing bunny.  He wasn’t too sure about it at the beginning.  But when we played with it again before bedtime he LOVED it.  Laughed hysterically at it.

IMGP8543 IMGP8548

He was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background and apparently something was quite funny…


His little cackle even had me laughing!!

We packed up and headed to church where we dropped Carter off at the nursery while Justin and I went to our Sunday School class and then to our contemporary service.  Afterwards, we got Carter and headed out to the courtyard where lots of families were taking pictures.  I managed to get a few of the Gault’s (Justin’s sister’s family) but never got many because it was FAR past Carter’s naptime and we went ahead and left to get him to Justin’s parents house for a nap and waited for everyone else to meet us there.


Celia and Papa


The Gault Family:  Aeron, Cynthia, Celia and Jennifer


The kids ate lunch and played a little bit and then all three went down for a nap while the adults had lunch.  After roughly 2 hours, all three woke up around the same time and joined us in the playroom for some more Easter fun.

Carter was all about Papa. Every time I turned around he was either sitting in his lap and standing right under him.

photo photo1



He was pointing out the birds to Papa.

All the kids got sunglasses in their baskets and they LOVED them.  Especially Carter….he was having a ball with his!

IMGP8580 IMGP8582IMGP8591IMGP8593    IMGP8604

This is a blurry picture but his face is priceless.  He was playing with one of the shirts that the girls got in their baskets and was just turning in circles laughing. 


This one makes me laugh too.  Not sure why….just Celia’s face and Carter’s face!  So funny!


And this is what happens when Carterman runs out of goldfish.  Y’all.  This kid is a garbage disposal.   I have no idea how he is so skinny since he eats EVERYTHING in sight.


Nana going over colors with Celia and Carter.  Notice the now full container of goldfish.  The grandparents can never say no ;)

Then we decided to bust out some leftover cupcakes.  Just what three toddlers need right??  SUGAR.

 IMGP8631 IMGP8632 IMGP8634

Carter started off watching the girls eat their cupcakes while being held by Uncle Aeron, but then decided he needed one too.

IMGP8640 IMGP8650 IMGP8651  IMGP8656

Had to get a picture of mom and dad.  We haven’t had one in a while!

Then we tried to get a picture of all the grandkids and Nana and Papa.  Naturally it was a disaster:

IMGP8658 IMGP8660 IMGP8661 IMGP8662

And that was our Easter :)  I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!!


Laura Sue said...

Gah! He's just growing so fast! I'm loving his personality shining through those cute little expressions! Glad yall had a happy day celebrating the Resurrection!

Chelley N said...

You can totally see his personality in these photos. And I LOVE his longalls! SO SO cute!!!

Fiona said...

Sounds like such a great Easter!!! I love all of this photos... and Carter's outfit is just adorable!!! :) He is getting so big and so full of personality!

HickChickBritt said...

How fun that Carter has cousins to grow up with. I wish Hayes did. When I was growing up I had a cousin 2 years older, a cousin 1 year older and a cousin a year younger. It was so fun to have friends!