Monday, June 6, 2011

My Big Fat Belly - 11 Weeks

How far along:  11 weeks

Symptoms:  Haven’t really had any symptoms at all lately.  I honestly forget I’m pregnant sometimes because I just rarely ever experience a symptom.  I literally have been blessed with the best pregnancy ever so far!

Maternity Clothes:  Week 11 brought out a small bump that even other people have noticed on me (Yay for it not being just me that notices anymore).  I am not big enough for maternity clothes yet and assume I won’t be for a while, but I can officially not button up ANY of my pants.  Therefore, I am now sporting the oh so fabulous belly band whenever I wear pants/shorts.  I’m also a huge fan of dresses these days because they’re just so dang comfy!

Weight Gain:  Still only two pounds!!  I’m so happy about that!

Sleep:  Sleep is fabulous right now

Cravings/Aversions:  Haven’t really noticed anything major lately

Baby Size:  I still can’t believe it, but won ton is the size of a friggin lime this week!!!

11 weeks lime

We had quite the growth spurt this week ;)  I also took my first weekly picture which I will refer to on the blog as “my big fat belly” because, let’s face it, I’m only getting fatter these days.


I’m a huge non-fan of this picture.  Not sure why, but I’m just not a fan.  However it’s all I’ve got so we’re going with it.  The little bump is beginning to emerge, but I still think I’m in that awkward phase that I referred to earlier where people that don’t know you just think that you’re eating one too many donut holes.

Gender:  Still don’t know but I’m getting nervous.  Our house should be done in August and they told us the other day that they’ll paint the nursery whatever color we want at no charge (typically you pick two colors for the house and any additional colors you’re charged for, but they’re not charging us for the nursery color).  Problem with that is that we won’t know the sex until end of July/beginning of August, which I’m wondering if it’ll be too late then because the house will be pretty much done.  We may have to flip a coin on the color we picked out for boy and girl and hope for the best :)  Also, the gender poll has completely taken Justin and I by surprise because a boy is winning and most people have told us they think we’re having a girl.  I think people are finally seeing the other old wives tale.  Technically a HR of 185 indicates girl so that’s why a lot of people have been voting girl.  However, the fact that I haven’t thrown up once and not really even gotten to a point where I thought I was going to thrown up indicates boy.  We shall see soon enough, but I’m still thinking blue.  Other people’s opinions have begun to have a pull on my opinion and the more people that think it’s a girl makes me second guess my gut feeling, but overall, I’m still thinking he’s a he.

What I Miss:  I miss intense workouts.  Not being able to get my heart rate over 150 for a long period of time seriously limits what I can do.  I also greatly miss my ab workouts :(  I’m now at the phase of pregnancy where docs suggest not lying on your back because of increased blood pressure issues, so normal ab work is out of the question.  I’m going to go buy a ball to put behind my back soon and start doing reverse ab workouts because I’m losing every bit of muscle I had in my stomach and it is SO depressing!!!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  I’m looking forward to my next appointment on June 14th, which is my 12 week appointment.  Next week will be my last week in the first trimester.  I can’t believe it’s flown by so fast!!


stephanie said...

marcie, i might not comment a lot but i am LOVING reading about this little babe inside of you!

have you thought of painting the nursery a neutral color? like light green or yellow? that way if you want to full on boy or girlify it when won ton is finally here, the colors will still lend itself to that?

Brenna Langham said...

That is so nice of them to do that for your nursery. I'm with Stephanie. If worse comes to worse, you can always go with a color that is neutral color like she said.

I'm loving all of these baby updates!

Lauren K said...

Look at that glow, you're beautiful!!!

Can I go ahead and cast my vote publicly? Wonton is a girl! There I said it!

And you should get something that keeps you elevated and continue your ab workouts. I had a pregnant lady in my bodypump class who seriously worked out until she gave birth. You just need to modify your workouts.

Jenny said...

You are GLOWING!

I think he's a he too! I voted that already!

So happy you are having a good pregnancy!

Justin and Marcie said...

Stephanie and Brenna - It makes sense to go with a neutral color, but honestly, I don't want to settle. I know what colors we want to use for a girl and boy and I don't want to go gender neutral and settle just because timing is an issue. I keep telling myself this will be the baby's room for several years until he/she is a toddler and picks out their big girl/big boy room so I want to love it, not just be okay with it. Ya know?

Lauren and Jenny - I'm glad to hear someone thinks I'm glowing, but I honestly feel like a fat cow these days. Lauren, I've already had to modify my workouts so that I don't get my heartrate over 150. I just miss being able to run for 6 or so miles without having to stop or being able to make it through a P90 workout without having to take a ridiculous amount of breaks. I just miss the intenseness I guess :( And I plan to buy a blowup ball for pregnancy ab workouts so that I can start doing them. I may just break down and buy a prenatal workout dvd so that I can be sure I'm allowed to do everything I'm doing. It's kind of scary when you have no idea if what you're doing could be hurting the baby!

Claire (McGinnis) Jackson said...

Hi Marcie! Hope this doesn't sound stalkerish but I came across your blog through Samantha's and wanted to say hi : ) I graduated from Hoover with your sister and Justin and I feel like we've met somewhere over the years. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on the little one and the new house! My husband and I moved into James Hill last summer and we LOVE it. I know y'all will too! Isn't Signature Homes so nice to work with? I have a feeling that if you let them know your situation with the nursery color, they'll try to accommodate. We had a situation where they painted some of our rooms the wrong color the first time around and they had them repainted in no time. It's amazing how quickly they can work! Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood : )

stephanie said...

totally get it. if i was closer, i'd offer to come paint it for free once you find out ;D

A Bride In Boots said...

Um, this post needs a new title, because I don't see anything big or fat about you! You look beautiful to me!