Thursday, July 30, 2015


Ok you’re probably going to see several posts within the next couple of days.  I’m realizing that my “family blog” that was intended to keep up with the fun happenings of our family, has turned into the monthly Garrett post blog…and that’s it.  I’ve been so busy and just haven’t made updating the blog a priority.  I’m trying to do better so I’ve made a list of all the things that have happened to our family that I need to update on so I will be working on completing that list over the next couple of days.  First up-VBS!


If you haven’t heard of VBS, it’s Vacation Bible School.  Lots of churches host these “schools” in the summer to keep kids interested in the Bible and also still doing fun crafts and things like that.  Technically, Carter isn’t old enough for VBS at our church.  He’s supposed to have completed 3k (he starts 3K next month) but he was able to do it because I volunteered.  I worked as a crew leader for the 2K/3K kids so that I could have Carter in my group.

It was held at our church from Sunday night through Thursday night from 6-8:30pm.  We began each night singing in the sanctuary and learning the songs that they would perform at the parent concert on Thursday night as well as for our entire church congregation the following Sunday morning.


The theme we used was Mount Everest.  Several churches used that theme this year.  Mrs. Kristi did a FANTASTIC job decorating the entire church to look like Base Camp!


These three LOVED the music part!  May or may not have had something to do with Nana’s involvement in the music…


I probably shouldn’t have been taking pictures during prayer time, but I couldn’t help it.  Watching him pray just melted my heart!!!!

After Music, the kids went to the gym for some playtime.  They did all kinds of things that revolved around the Mount Everest theme.  Carter’s favorite day was the last day that included a silly string fight and some time playing with a big parachute and some balls.


This was one of the games we played.  Where the adults “rescued” the kids (they were supposed to be hikers in trouble) and carried them back to base camp.



This is me and Jamie and Jordan.  We’re all in the same Sunday School class and Jordan’s kids were in the same group as Carter.


We couldn’t believe Mr. Jeff could get that many kids to sit on the curb and listen to his instructions!


Of course he picked the blue silly string.  Didn’t expect anything less!



Papa came by one night to check on his grandkids.  Their faces say it all.  They adore their Papa.

After some games in the gym, the kids headed to the “Imagination Station” which was basically arts & crafts. 


These are ravens.  The kids learned about how God fed Elijah by having ravens drop food.


The second night we talked about how God comforts us so we had them spell comfort in cotton balls.  The next night we talked about how God forgives us and we ripped up pieces of paper and for each piece we said something we do that’s bad (our sins) and then we washed them away in a bowl.


After that, the kids headed over to Bible Time where they heard Mrs. Lisa tell stories about the prophet Elijah each night.  These kids were completely captivated by her!  It’s not easy to get a group of 25 3 year olds to sit still and listen to a story but they did for her!!


After Bible Time they went to snack time where they got a different snack every night and watched a DVD about Mount Everest (it was a cartoon with characters that talked in 3 year old terms…not something you and I would see on the Discovery Channel).  The crew leaders took a break during the snack time and that’s when we went to eat dinner so I only have one picture of snack time.


On Thursday night was the concert for the parents…


Carter had SOOOOO much fun and I’m not kidding when I say that the dang VBS CD hasn’t come out of my CD Player in my car in two weeks.  He requests to listen to those songs over and over and over and over.  Momma is beyond tired of these darn songs, but he loves them and I love hearing him sing about God and how powerful he is so I put up with it!