Monday, December 2, 2013

November 2013

Well my plan to attempt to blog  more in November failed miserably.  I only managed to get 2 blogs up.  I’m so slammed it’s ridiculous.  Between wrapping up my projects as work (I only have 12 more working days at my firm until I am officially a stay at home mom!), family functions for Thanksgiving and getting a jump start on Christmas shopping, I just have had ZERO free time.  Here’s what went on with us during November:

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Carter has developed a love of Mommy and Daddy’s shower.  He loves going in there and dancing, playing with water, playing with cups, bringing his diapers to join him, etc.  Not sure why it’s such an attraction, but he loves it.  And he always says “bye bye mommy, bye bye daddy, bye bye good girl” when he’s closing the door to get in the shower.  As if he’s actually leaving…cracks me up.

We visited the McWane Center when we were both off work:

IMG_3483  IMG_3493 IMG_3504IMG_3498 IMG_3502 

We had some pretty amusing times when playing with sunglasses:

IMG_3460  IMG_3475

IMG_3449 IMG_3451

Had some fun little photo-ops while at church:

IMG_3529 IMG_3544IMG_3538  IMG_3551

Figured out how to brush our own teeth:


Figured out how to take our own socks off…pulling REALLY REALLY hard:

  IMG_3560 IMG_3564

Figured out how to put the toy cups up when we’re done playing with them in the tub:


We got a new hobby….playing under the dining room table:

IMG_3679 IMG_3682

We played outside with Good Girl (formerly known as Gizmo):

IMG_3665 IMG_3669

Mommy went to her first Alabama game with her friend (and former college roommate, Ashley) since graduating from there a whopping 10 years ago (I would go to more games if it didn’t cost and arm and a leg to go!).  Side note-the day after the game, we all found out that Miss Ashley is carrying a sweet little BOY:


We had to go to the doctor and found out that my sweet one had a pretty bad yeast infection (his poor booty was rubbed so raw that it bled several times).  The pain didn’t phase Carter.  He people watched while in the waiting room….


Got his very own Christmas tree from Gigi (this dang tree and it’s lights has caused us nothing but problems at bedtime!):

IMG_3584 IMG_3589

**I love the tree, don’t get me wrong, but Carter is ALL ABOUT colors right now.  Since the tree has colored lights, he feels the need to name all the colors before bedtime.  This takes FOREVER.  He also requires his giraffe, Henry, to kiss all the ornaments before bedtime (since the ornaments are other zoo animals).**

We had a friend that I work with attempt to take some family pictures to try to capture at least one good one for a Christmas card (I didn’t put the one for the Christmas card on here because I haven’t sent them out yet).  The weather didn’t cooperate with us that day…as you can tell by my frizzed-to-the-max hair.   IMG_3699 IMG_3701 11000227685_e6c5a2a834_o 11000227915_aa3a032be8_o  IMG_3700

My sister that lives in Tampa came down for a whole week for Thanksgiving and Carter and Cooper got to hang out a lot.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures of them though.  Jennifer had most of the pictures, so I stole some from her.  The other sister probably has some really great ones from Thanksgiving, I just haven’t gotten them yet:

IMG_3750 IMG_3755


IMG_3776 IMG_3782 IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3792 IMG_3806

Carter and I went to lunch one day at Buffalo Wild Wings and for some reason, he wouldn’t let go of my hand.  He wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to leave him I guess…

IMG_3813 IMG_3815 IMG_3817  IMG_3826 


Oh and Carter decided to try to copy my niece Lydia when she did a cartwheel.  Funniest thing ever!!  He didn’t do it in this video, but the other times he attempted the cartwheel, he would clap when he was done and say “yaaaaay car car!”.


My sweet niece Lydia literally decorated my entire tree for me.  Ornaments-wise.  I did the lights and the strand of red stuff, but she did the hard part.  Thank God for her….I was dreading doing that!


All of Carter’s cousins from my side.  Lydia, Carter, Cooper and Anderson….and Henry too :)

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to my mom’s since she had to work on Thanksgiving day.  The kids actually went ahead and exchanged gifts since Cooper and Jennifer won’t be here for Christmas.  Mom gave Carter the talking and hugging Elmo (this thing actually hugs you back…creepy).  HE LOVED IT!!!

 DSC_4384 DSC_4388 DSC_4410 DSC_4418  DSC_4425Carter also got some Elmo shoes from my mom.  He loves these too!  Excuse the fact that he’s wearing an Auburn shirt.  Iron Bowl was that day (Alabama-mommy’s alma mater, and Auburn-daddy’s alma mater).  He’s wearing an Auburn shirt because Justin was with him that morning while I was working out so he got him dressed.  Guess it worked well for the Tigers because they beat us within the last second.  Literally.

So that was our November.  I still can’t believe we’re already into December.  I have a mere 3 weeks left at work before I officially become a stay-at-home mom.  Carter turns 2 on the 28th of this month.  And my Israel trip is just 84 days away.  I just can’t believe time is flying by so fast!


Chelley N said...

I've been a terrible blogger lately too. Trying to get back on track but it's hard!

Carter is getting cuter and cuter! I love how he has diapers with in the shower and in several of the photos! So funny what kids latch on to. Brenson has the "Santa's Helper" pjs and I think they are just so cute!

Lauren Kelly said...

Love this post! It's so great seeing all your kids together!! See you SOON!! :)

Jamie said...

Love your family photos!!