Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flashback Friday

I meant to post this yesterday since yesterday was Friday, but I got busy and forgot, so I’ll post it now. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these, but with me and Justin’s anniversary coming up next week, I figured now was a good time for this one in particular!!  In the past, my Flashback Friday posts have been flashbacks many many many years ago.  This one won’t be that much of a flashback, but one I thought necessary since I’ve gained some new followers in the past year or so.  So now, we flashback to me and Justin’s wedding day, July 25, 2009. 

It was a very warm day that day.  The sun was out and it was gorgeous.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day!  With that said, it did rain for about 20 minutes literally seconds after we finished taking pictures with the wedding party in the courtyard.  You know what they say….a little rain on your wedding day is a good sign for your marriage :)  And something I definitely can’t neglect to mention is that it just so happen to be the same weekend as “Christmas in July”.  If you don’t live in the Birmingham, AL area, you probably won’t understand.  We have a radio station that plays Christmas music pretty much from Halloween to New Year’s.  They pick one weekend in July, usually at the end, and play Christmas all weekend long as the halfway point to Christmas time.  Our wedding weekend just happen to be the same weekend which is FABULOUS because all of my friends know how much I ADORE Christmas!

Our photographer was Amelia Strauss.  She no longer resides in Birmingham.  She moved to Los Angeles shortly after our wedding, but she is still doing wedding photography and every now and again I jump over to her blog to catch what she’s taking pictures of.  She is unreal!  Here’s a few of my favorite moments that Amelia captured on that perfectly wonderful God-given day:

ASP_0006ASP_0005  ASP_0069 ASP_0167

ASP_0089 ASP_0095 ASP_0097 ASP_0113 ASP_0123 ASP_0101

This is when we saw each other for the first time.  We chose to do this before the ceremony since we took our pictures before the wedding.  We wanted to be able to go straight to the reception and have a good time once the ceremony was over!

ASP_0102 ASP_0305ASP_0302ASP_0310ASP_0311ASP_0269

Our reception was at B&A Warehouse in downtown Birmingham.  The place is BEAUTIFUL.  I loved the brick walls and the warehouse feel of it.  We decorated with Christmas lights and Japanese lanterns.  This is the view from the stage looking at the wedding cakes.


The grooms cake.  It’s a mountain.   Justin and I love mountain climbing so naturally, we had a mountain cake.  The cake’s icing is chocolate and the filling is Reese’s Peanut Butter flavor.  It was DELICIOUS.


Can’t have a mountain themed cake without a fabulous cake topper!

ASP_0283 The bride’s cake

ASP_0129 ASP_0132

 ASP_0322 ASP_0324 ASP_0326 ASP_0341-1 ASP_0366 ASP_0379 ASP_0382 AES_1278 ASP_0134 And that’s it folks!  We stayed at the Tutwiler Hotel downtown and then caught a VERY early flight the next morning for our trip to Hawaii for our 10 day honeymoon.  I absolutely loved every moment of my wedding day.  Naturally there are a couple of things I would go back and change.  I don’t love the bridesmaid dresses nor did I love the flowers for my maids or even myself.  But I think the reason I want to change those is because it’s been 4 years.  Dresses have evolved and people are beginning to be more courageous with their flower choices.  If I could change now, I would change the color of the bridesmaid dresses and would have made them short dresses instead of long ones (it was July for crying out loud).  Not sure what differences I would have made in the flowers, but I know I would have wanted more color. 

Regardless, I loved my wedding day and I fall in love with my husband more and more each day.  Marrying him was by far the most important decision of my life (even more important than children).  He is my rock and I truly don’t know what I would do without him. 


Renee said...

Love the pictures! Your wedding was gorgeous! Looking back on mine, there isn't much I would change about the actual wedding or decor, but I would like to have had better photography. When we got married, nearly 9 years ago, photography was totally posed and so different than it is now (digital photography was even somewhat new). I am so envious of the kinds of photos people get today. But thankfully, we get family portraits and things like that with new photography. I probably also would have done more pictures before the ceremony, including the "first look."

Lauren Kelly said...

Such a fun day! I'm sitting here in my robe reading your blog!! Best bmaid gift ever!! Love you!

Ashley said...

Oh wow!! What a gorgeous wedding, seriously!! It was soo classy. I've always though B&A would be an awesome reception spot and it doesn't hurt their food is delish! :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog too, btw!